We've had an amazing first two years with a lot of visibility and great reviews and we're truly thankful for our amazing authors. We're looking for work in all genres for our 2020-21 Catalog. We are constantly reading and we look forward to reviewing your work. In our first year our titles were reviewed in The New York Times (Print), Irish Times (Print), Foreword ReviewsPANK, The London Magazine, Iowa Review, and many other great papers, magazines, and journals.


Communicating Groups by Stu Watson (Poetry)

Casanova Erotica by Sonia Hensler (Illustration)


Pages from the Textbook of an Alternate History by Phong Nguyen (Novel)

Give a Girl Chaos by Heidi Seaborn (Poetry)

Headlong by Ron MacLean (Novel)

Dead Aquairum by Caleb Michael Sarvis (Short Story)


Gatsby’s Child (Memoir)

A Diet of Worms by Erik Rasmussen (Novel)

The Pleasures of Queueing by Erik Martini (Novel)

Life During Wartime by Katie Rogin (Novel)

We're open for Novel, Short Story, and other fiction submissions. We're looking for ineteresting, upmarket, and popular manuscripts inclusive of genre fiction or literary work with a great idea and memorable characters. 

Please submit a full manuscript, cover letter and synopsis are encouraged, but not nescessary. We're open to reading anything as we begin to fill our 2019-20 book list.


We're looking for poetry that's alive. We're looking for well crafted and polished work that says something important and embodies voice. We're also interested in experimental work that blurs the lines between the expected and unexpected.

We're open for essays and creative nonfiction work.

Please submit a full manuscript with a cover letter summarizing the work and any other details.

We're looking for well-crafted memoirs, interesting journalistic work and historical non-fiction.

Required materials:  Please  submit the following items as one document with the supplemental materials included at the beginning before the manuscript:

--A one-page cover letter containing a one-paragraph biographical statement and brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the project. Please include any previous publications in the biographical statement.

--A sample of the project. or the complete project, or a two to ten-page project overview with a description of what is already complete and what work remains to be finished.


We're now open for specialty books: themed Coffee Table books, Art Books, Photography, Hybrid, Experimental, Textbooks and How To's. 

Please submit a full manuscript with a cover letter explaining the work, who you are, what the book angle is and your area of expertise (qualifications or what gives you a special angle) and any other pertinent details.  

We read everything we receive and fees go to publication and promotion our books.

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